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True assistance for manufacturers, distributors, consumers and inspection services in the fight against counterfeiting.

Why is it worthwhile?

Brand Authentication Solutions is a tool for product security and authentication, brand protection and supply chain control. It accommodates marketing and consumer education and supports the customer service process. BAS builds a unique identity for each product, allowing to strengthen consumers' involvement and loyalty.

The BAS solution can be integrated with distributors' or retailers' operating and logistic systems, enabling efficient logistics of goods and communication with the manufacturer in real-time anywhere in the world.

What makes us different?

Quick product identification is, above all, time-saving and efficient operation at every stage of the purchasing process from the manufacturer to the customer. Simple and unambiguous product identification is child's play to check whether the purchased product is original or counterfeit? Does it meet the relevant requirements and is it safe? It leaves no doubt with the person performing the authentication.

The security features introduced in the Crypto QR or Data Matrix code do not allow for automatic generation of QR codes by unauthorised persons. That prevents an attack during a period significantly longer than the lifetime of the marked products. Dynamic redirections can be applied and corrected at any moment.

The code placed on the product enables initiating any interaction with the user. Thanks to the mobile application, by scanning the code, each user can verify the authenticity and origin of the goods and become familiar with the manufacturer's other products.

How it works?

The product is identified using any smartphone by scanning the Data Matrix code displayed on the packaging. The authenticity of the product is verified in real-time.

The technology offered by us - used for automatic data collection - includes:

  1. 1. Barcodes
  2. 2. Two-dimensional codes
  3. 3. Chip codes
  4. 4. Radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags


An innovative technology which enables discrete marking of any 2D codes. Our codes include an additional layer of data which can only be read with dedicated scanners. This functionality does not limit the effectiveness of ordinary scanners. Therefore, it is possible to use this technology in systems requiring backward compatibility. Our dedicated software for code reading allows for recreating an additional data layer, which in practice excludes the possibility of copying codes.

About us

Brand Authentication Solutions (BAS) combines two unique elements - world-class technology and its skilful adaptation to the specific needs of all stakeholders of the distribution chain

Our solution's technological creator is Veriori, together with a staff of scientific and technical experts and international experience - this is the heart of the entire system.

The competencies of NaviRisk are, above all, knowledge of the markets and the challenges they face. Minimising business risk concerning tangible and intangible assets through, among other things, management of Brand Authentication Solutions - this is the brain of the entire system.


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